We help businesses succeed by focusing on what matters.

Innovators… you are amazing. You build awesome products and services that turn into fast-growing, global businesses.

Sometimes, you may need a bit of help along your way.

That’s where we come in.

Digital DNA has 25+ years of board-level experience in developing business strategies and implementing them.

Whether you need help in developing and communicating your strategy (mission, vision, values) or in implementing it with effective systems, processes and measurements, Digital DNA can help. We also offer HR management advice and services.

How we can help you

You can engage Digital DNA consultants for specific projects or you can engage one of us longer term to work directly with you and your teams on an ongoing basis.

In my experience Digital DNA’s thinking is at least a step or two further down the road than most other people’s.
Richard Davidson-Houston, Head of 4OD

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